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For employers

We will soon launch services for employers all over Europe.
We will give back to you the database of millions of people looking for new job opportunities.
Check what will be in our offer.

Competitive prices

You search the Resume database free of charge. You pay only if the candidate accepts the contact request. You will be amazed how little!

Bye bye to agencies

Our service is created for companies seeking employees. We do not cooperate with employment agencies.

Functionalities for employers

Soon, we will be able to register for employers.
As soon as our database contains at least 1 000 000 Resumes, we will provide:

A brilliant Resume search engine

An intelligent search engine that effectively filters the right candidates for the selected criteria.

Many users of the company

For large entities, we have prepared the possibility of creating accounts for many employees.

Many recruitment processes

Each employee can conduct many processes - alone or with other employees.

A simple contact procedure

With one click you ask the candidate for contact details by sending him / her defined data once.

You will receive a Resume by e-mail

The user accepts the request, provides contact details and you immediately receive his Resume to the e-mail address provided.

Workers from abroad

If you allow this option, you can also look for employees outside of your country - the system indicates them if they have agreed to relocate.

The rules that guide us

We want our service to be friendly to both Employers and Employees.
We believe that the recruitment process should be maximally shortened, and some activities consume the most valuable resources: time.

Wishing to optimize at least part of this process, we have introduced the following principles of cooperation with employers:

A request for personal data means an invitation to an interview

The system provides all necessary data to decide whether you will invite a candidate for an interview or not. It is not used to collect a database of candidates. In accordance with the regulations, requesting contact details is tantamount to an invitation for an interview.

We prefer an open recruitment process

Let's be honest with our candidates. There is no point in secreting such things as: Company Name, Position, Place of Work, Requirements or Payrolls. These five items are required when configuring the process and these data are always sent with a request for contact details.

Compliance with the GDPR

Remember that after completing the recruitment process, according to the GDPR, you have the duty to destroy (delete) all docades of documents that you have not recruited in the recruitment process. As part of the system, we do it automatically depending on the user's settings, but the CV you receive by email must be deleted by yourself.

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